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Is it really possible to make money with Amazon? Yes, it definitely is; some affiliates earn 4-5 figure monthly incomes with the Amazon Affiliate program. The Amazon Affiliate program is legitimate business model and is definitely not a scam for those of you out there wondering. If you go to, you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and start driving traffic. If someone clicks on your link and purchases a product on Amazon, you get paid; it’s as simple as that, it’s extremely basic to the point that anyone can really do it, it just takes some time and effort. 

There is a simple formula on how the Amazon Affiliate program works:

Review Site + Targeted Traffic = Money

That’s really how it works with Amazon affiliates make money. You need to have a nice review site that pre-sells your targeted visitors that you get from search engines and that’ll translate into money for you when they buy something from clicking through your link and being redirected to Amazon; you earn commission as an Amazon affiliate.

To get started you need to do some market research and find some products to promote. This is an extremely important step to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate. You want to find products that people want to buy and have a decent pay-out. Here are a couple tips on finding good products to promote as an Amazon affiliate:

• Go to Amazon and browse their categories for best sellers in the $150 price range
• The product should have lots of positive reviews (instant social proof); this will increase conversions

Once you find a product to promote, the next step as an Amazon affiliate is to build your review site. You can use Wordpress platform, it’s easy to use, easy to install and good for search engine rankings. You also have to get your own hosting account and register a domain name. The next thing you want to do is write your reviews on the product so people will be more likely to buy it.

After that you need to get backlinks for your site so it can rank for SEO. If you don’t have any links for your site, it isn't going to rank in search engines, leading to no traffic, therefore earning no money as an Amazon affiliate. You can start with article marketing by writing a few articles and link them back to your review pages. Writing press releases works really well as well. When you have a well ranked site, you’re well on your way to making money as an Amazon affiliate.

When it comes to making money online if you own a website or a blog that has a lot of traffic then you have many ways available you can start making money.There are many ways bloggers and website owners can monetize their  virtual real estate The most important thing for making decent amount of money with your website is traffic. If no one ever visits your blog then you cant make money.
monetize blogIf you are interested in making money with a website and you don’t own a blog already you can begin by starting a blog of your own. You can start your own self hosted if you buy a domain name and web hosting or you can start a website for free using platforms like Blogger and DevHub. So what are the methods for traffic monetization? There are a number of methods which blog and website owners can use alone or in combination with other methods to monetize their internet presence.
monetize blog
Pay per click ads. One of the most common ways to monetize a website or a blog is joining a pay per click network. Worlds greatest PPC network is Google Adsense but there are other PPC networks you can join if you want to start making money this way. The process of joining PPC networks starts with submitting your application where you provide details about your website. When your application is approved you can log in to your publisher account where you will find code you can insert in your blog or website. After that ads will start to appear on your site and when visitors click on them you will earn certain amount of money which can go from one cent to over a dollar for a single click. The best network to join is Google Adsense because it has great pay rates and large pool of advertisers because and higher earnings per click than other networks. Other networks are Bidvertiser, AdHitz, Chitika, etc.
CPM ad networks. Similar to PPC networks are CPM ad networks. CPM stands for cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions. Unlike pay per click networks where visitors need to click on a n ad for you to make money, CPM networks pay according to the number of impression the ads on your site receive. How much money will you earn from your ads depends on many things but mostly on the number of visitors. Larger banner sizes usually pay more than smaller ad sizes. If you place your ad on the top of the page than you can make more money than you would earn from an ad placed on the bottom of the page. You can earn fro as little as few cents for every 1000 impression to as high as few dollars for 1000 impressions. If you  earn around $1 per thousand impressions. So if your site has 50.000 impressions a month you can expect to earn $50 a month.  There are a number of CPM ad networks you can join and start making money online with a website.
Sell advertising space for a certain period of time. Another way to begin making money with your website displaying ads  that is different from monetizing with CPC or CPM networks is by selling ad space for a certain period of time. Unlike CPC networks when you make money when visitors click on ads or CPM network that pay you based on the number of impressions, this way you earn money by simply placing ad on your site for a fixed amount of money over a certain time period, usually a month. You will earn money regardless if someone clicks on the ads or how many impression did the ad received. If you want to monetize your site using this method you should check BuySellAds where you can submit you site and advertisers who might be interested to buy ad space on your website or blog can see it.
Sell ad space yourself.  There are many ad networks you can join and let them find advertisers willing to spend money to have their ads on your blog or website. Although you will let them handle all the work in finding and advertisers, they will in return keep a share of the earnings made by your site. But why not cut out the middle man  and keep all the money  yourself. You can choose the type and format of the banner ads you want to place on your website or blog and set your own rates. The disadvantage of selling the advertisement space of your blog is that  you will have to do all the work associated with monetizing your website or blog using this method. You will have to find advertisers that will be interested in advertising on your site yourself, as well as handle all the process of selling advertising space and payments, something the ad networks will normally do.
Sell text links. Selling text links was a popular monetization method. However  because Google now penalizes sites that sell text links without nofollow tag many website owners and bloggers are avoiding this way of making money online with a website. The advantage of monetizing your site using text links is that they are less annoying than banners. There are also websites where you can sell text links.
Monetize your website with widgets. One other way you can monetize your website or blog are widgets. Widgets are an advertising option that allows bloggers and website owners to start making money on a CPC or  CPM  basis. There are a number of sizes you can choose for your widgets:  468×60, 728×90, 160×600 etc. You can also customize even further by choosing colors so they can fit better in the overall design of your website. There are number of websites you can join and start making money with widgets.
Start making money with affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to monetize a website used by many bloggers and website owners.  Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products for a commission.  To start making money online with affiliate marketing you need to join an affiliate network and place affiliate links on your website. When visitors click on the links they will go to merchants website and if they purchase something you will earn a commission, usually a percentage of the sale price. There are a large number of affiliate networks you can join. Even large companies like Amazon have their affiliate programs. To start advertising your affiliate products you can place banners and text links on your site or write product reviews and include link to the merchants website in the body of the text.
Sponsored reviews. Sponsored reviews are another way to monetize your website. There are number of websites where you can join and find advertisers willing to pay bloggers to write a review for their products. There are many bloggers that make lots of money from sponsored reviews but there are also many who don’t want  to write sponsored reviews because they feel that will damage their credibility. Google also penalizes websites with sponsored reviews.
Offer premium content or private forum membership for a fee.  People use internet to search for information that they need. Every website has free content that is available to everyone, but some have a premium content or access to a private forum that is available only to members that pay certain membership. If you have something of value to offer to your audience like tools, information, techniques then you can offer them to those who are interested for a fee.
In-text ads. Intext ads are another way you can start making money with a blog or a website. In-text ads will appear  with an underline in the text. When visitor scroll over them ad will pop up, and if they click on the ad you will make money.
Pop-up and pop-under ads. Pop-up and pop-under ads are another method you can monetize your website. Pop-up and pop-under ads are new web browser window on which there is advertisement. The earning are on a CPM basis which means your earning will be on a per impression basis. Although they are legitimate way to make money you should consider before you start using them to monetize you website, because they are considered annoying and may irritate your visitors. There are a number of networks that serve pop-up and pop-under ads like and you can join.
Write your own ebook and sell it on your website or blog.  Another way to monetize you site is by selling an information to th interested audience in a form of ebook. If you own a blog or a website that is around certain niche then you can organize your posts in an ebook and allow your visitors to download it for a price. Many people use internet to search for useful information. If they come to your site and like what  they read they may be willing to spend some money to buy it.

CPM networks are advertising networks bloggers use to make money with a blog. CPM is short from cost per mille or cost per thousand views. The money that earns blogger are calculated on the number of views of the ads.  If the cost per thousand impresions is $1 dollar and your blog has about 2000 visitors per day than your earnings will be $2. Some CPM networks pay less than $1 and others may pay several dollars per 1000 impressions depending on many things like the niche of the blog and from which country most visitors come from.

Steps to start making money with CPM networks
  1. Create a blog or a website. To start making money with CPM ads you will need a blog or  a website.  Most people search online for information so you need to create a blog with original and informative content if you wish people to come and keep coming back to your blog. Pick a niche for your blog and start creating content that will tell your visitors how to solve certain problems and establish your blog as an authority on the issue.
  2. Drive traffic to your blog. The most important thing for making money online with CPM ad networks is the traffic you blog has. The money you will make are proportionally dependent  on the number of visitors that come to your blog. There are many things that can help you bring visitors to your blog or website. On page and off page SEO, proper keyword research, commenting on other blogs and using social media to promote your blog are thinkgs you can do to boost the traffic.
  3. Choose CPM advertising network you can join . There are a number of CPM networks you can join. To join is free but they will have to review your application before you become a publisher. Check out the requirements before you apply because some networks accept blogs with a few thousands visitors per month while some may require that your blog has more than 100.000 visitors or more. With your application you will need to provide you details and your preferred payment method. Most CPM networks pay through PayPal.
  4. Place ads on you blog. After you are approved next step to earning money online with cpm ads is placing ads on your blog.  Log in to your account and copy the ad code, and then paste it on your blog. After you paste the code ads will start appearing when someone visits your blog.
    Get paid. Once you meet the minimum payment threshold you can request payment. Minimum payment is different with many networks, with some may be $25 and for others $100. Most networks pay by PayPal.

Search engines are one of the most important sources of traffic for blogs and websites. Traffic from search engines is free and targeted. The more targeted traffic you drive to you blog from search engines  or using other methods the more money you will make displaying ads or selling affiliate products.
To drive traffic from search engines you will need to optimize your site for the search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO involves two components: off page SEO and on page SEO. On page SEO is writing original content  using words and phrases that people use to search online called keywords, titles and meta description.  By doing on page blog optimization will help search engines like Google understand for which keywords to rank your website but if your site has low page rank your posts will be low on the ranking because as the search engines see it, your site has no authority.
Off page optimization involves building quality backlinks on other websites and blogs that point to your site.  The backlinks pointing to your blog will determine the pagerank  of your blog. Pagerank is an algorithm used to determine the importance or authority of a website or blog. The more authority your blog has it will rank higher in the search engines and as a result drive more traffic from the search engines. Because of this it is important  build  quality backlinks to your blog.
off page search engine optimization
Where can you build backlinks to your blog?
There are millions of blogs and websites online where you can build backlinks pointing to your blog:
Other blogs. Blogs that are of same or similar niche like yours are great place to build links pointing to your blog. You can build backlinks on other blogs by commenting on the posts. With every comment you can leave your name, email and website and when your comment is published you will have backlink to your blog. When commenting on other blogs don’t write just about anything  and spam other blogs. Read the post and write your comment giving your honest opinion and some new information to supplement what the post  is about. If you just spam other blogs their owners will simply not publish your comment. Another way to build backlinks on other blogs is by writing guest posts. Some blog owners accept posts from other bloggers and allow them to include links pointing to their blogs. You can submit your posts with backlinks to your blog included. If the owners likes your posts , it will be published  along with the backlinks pointing to your blog.
Online Forums. Another good place to build backlinks are online forums. Forums allow their members to include signature along with their posts and even include links in their signature. You can include backlink to your site in your signature that will be published with every post you make.  Some forums may require their members have a certain number of posts before they can include a signature in their posts. When postig o forums try to be useful and  contribute to te discussion and not spamming the forums for the sake of posting and having your signature in the forum because you can get banned.
Article directories. You can create backlinks by writing an article and submitting it to article directories. When you submit an article you can include links in the article or in the resource box. Thre are a number of article directories online and before you submit your article be sure to read their guidelines. Article directories may have certain guidelines concerning things   like length of the article or number of links you can include. Following these guidelines will help your articles get published.
Social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites are sites where member bookmark  links to websites and blog that contain content they find itusefuland  for future use or sharing it with their friends and other members. You can join social bookmarking websites and bookmark your blog posts to build backlinks to your blog.

There are two things to consider when building backlinks for SEO purposes.  The sites where you will build your backlinks should:
Have Do Follow links. You can build backlinks on almost any kind of website or blog, however for SEO purposes the links you will build must be Do Follow in order to pass on authority to your blog and increase it’s rankings. So the question is how to find which sites are Do Follow and which one are No Follow? There are several ways to tell which sites have Follow or NoFollow links but the easiest way is if you use Firefox browser you can install NoDoFollow extension which will highlight No/Do Follow links on a website.
Have high PageRank or PR. The backlinks from websites or blogs that have high PageRank are more valuable for SEO purpose than blogs or websites with low PageRank. PageRank of a website or a blog is assigned by Google and it determines the importance or authority of the site. The higher the PageRank it has the more important the site  is considered to be by Google. PageRank can be  from 0 to 9. New websites or  blogs have PageRank of 0 and older established websites have higher PageRank, for instance has a PageRank of 9. Because of this you should build your backlinks on a websites which aside from Do Follow links have also a high PageRank. You can check the page rank of a website or blog easily by going to If you use Google Chrome browser you can install SEO Status PageRank/Alexa toolbar which will check the status of the website you are on.
Building backlinks to your website for SEO purposes should start with making a list of websites that have high PR and dofollow links. Once you make a list of websites you can start building  backlinks by commenting on blogs, posting on forums, guest posting on blogs with similar niche like yours, submitting articles on article directories, using social bookmarking websites etc.

Revenue sharing websites are great way for creative people to start making money online from the content that they have created. Revenue sharing websites are websites that reward people that create and publish content with a portion of the revenue that is generated by their content. People from all over the world can open account on revenue sharing websites for free and start publishing their content. Then  as long as their content is online it will generate income from advertisements and contributors will receive a portion of it. The more their content is popular the more money they will make.
Many revenue sharing websites are article directories where freelance writers or anyone else can write article on any topic and publish them. There are however many revenue sharing websites where members can create passive stream of income and start making money from videos that they have made. Some of these websites places where members can upload exclusively videos but there are also websites that accept other types of content in addition to videos.
Step by step guide  to make money with revenue sharing video websites
  1. Open an account with one or more video revenue sharing websites. T start making money with your videos you will need to open an account. Opening account is free and most of the time what you will need is a valid email address.
  2. Create a video. If you want to make money with video revenue sharing websites you will need to crate videos. You can use camera tablet or your phone to record a video that you wish to upload. Your videos should be interesting, original and to be compliat with the guidelines and terms of the website because video sharing websites have certain standards that your video must meet. You can edit your videos with software like Windows Movie Maker.
  3. Upload your videos. After you become a member of video websites you can start uploading your videos. Log in t your account and follow instructions for uploading your videos.
  4. Promote your videos. How much money will you make from your videos depends on how many people will see them. Because of this you must promote your videos and drive more traffic. There are many ways you can promote your videos. You can start by researching relevant keywords and write title and description for your videos that is optimized for search engines. You can promote your videos using Facebook, share it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can also write a blog post and embed your video for more visitors.
  5. Get paid. When your earning reach a minimum payment amount you can request payment. Revenue sharing video websites usually pay Paypal or check.
video sharing websites
What kind of videos can you upload on revenue sharing websites?
You can upload any videos and make money as long as they are not against the policies of the websites. Revenue sharing video websites generally accept any type of video except in cases when there is copyrighted material used in the making of the video or  videos contain content that is forbidden. Before uploading your videos check out the guidelines of the video site.
You can make videos using your camera, phone tablet and edit them before publishing on video websites. You can edit your  videos using software like Windows Movie Maker. Videos you will create should be interesting to a wider audience if you wish many people to watch them and maximize your earnings. You can make funny videos, tutorials or make a video out of many other different videos and upload it, just make sure you don’t use copyrighted material or risk to have your videos removed from the site.
List or revenue sharing video websites
  1. Youtube – Youtube is the worlds greatest website for videos. Millions of people visit Youtube every day to have fun watching videos. Aside from ability to publish your videos here where all your friends can see them you can also make extra money from your Youtube videos. If you wish to start making money from Your videos on Youtube you will also need an Adsense account. If you don’t already have an Adsense account you will need to apply for one. Adsense is online ad network owned by Google that pays for every click viewers make on ads that are displayed together with your videos. The more clicks on the ad the more money you will make. However beng a PPC network you can have thousands of viewers every day and still don’t make any money if no one clicks on the ads. You will receive your earnings from Adsense once your balance reaches minimum payment amount.
  2. – is another revenue sharing video website where you can publish you videos and start making money. contributors called producers earn 50% revenue share from the earnings generated y their videos. If you decide to make money with you can receive your earning once you have minimum of $25 dollars on your balance through Paypal. If your balance is at least $600 at the end of the month than you will be paid by check.
  3. Metacafe – is one of the largest video websites. If you wish to start making money from videos that you will publish on Metacafe. Once your video will be reviewed and possibly included in the Producer rewards program once it has 20,000 views. If your video is within their guidelines you can be making $2 for ever thousand views your video receives. Once your earning reach a minimum amount of $100 you will be paid.
  4. Dailymotion is another video website where you can monetize your videos. To start making money with Dailymotion you will need to become partner. Partners earn as much as 70% revenue share. You can start making money from your videos, when you share Dailymotion videos on your blog, website and son social networks. You will also earn  when your videos are shared on other blogs and social networks. If you have a blog  or a website you can still start making money from Daillymotion without creating and publishing your videos. If you have a blog or a website join Daillymotion, find videos that might be interested to the readers of your blog and start making money.

The most important thin for writing blog content that is optimized for search engines is finding the right keywords and create content that is optimized for those keywords. Finding the best keywords and see what your competition is doing is possible with many search engine optimization tools that are available.
The problem with this keyword and SEO tools is that many of them cost money, but there are many free keyword tools   you can use for keyword analysis. Some of this tools are free and all you need to do is navigate to their website and start using it to research keywords, while other may require that you open a free account to be able to use them.
  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool  is keyword tool that is best known of all keyword tools and is free to use. Google keyword toll is excellent tool to use to get new keyword ideas using results from Google search network which is world largest and most used search engine. To use this great and free tool all you need to do is enter the word or phrase and you will get monthly global and local searches for the word or phrase and the number of searches for similar words and phrases.
  2. Wordtracker free keywords suggestion tool   is another great and free keyword suggestion tool bloggers and website owners can use to find keywords they can use in their content. To use keyword tool from Wordtracker is free but you will need to open an account for free. Wortracker keyword suggestion tool can show daily searches and create a list of 100 similar keywords.
  3. SEO Book keyword suggestion tool   is another free keyword tool you can use which uses cross reference for Wordtracker, Google and other keyword tools.  SEO book keyword tool is free to use but you will be required to open an account for free and log in every time you wish to use it.
  4. Good Keywords  is free software that can be downloaded for free and used to manage your keywords from Google keyword tool.
  5. Trellian keyword discovery   is free tool that collects and compiles data from many search engines in order to provide accurate cross section. This free tool can generate 100 top keywords from a seed keyword.
  6. Promedia free Google Suggest keyword tool  gives you local autocomplete rank and number of search for word or phrase.
  7. Ubersuggest allows you to enter  term in the box by adding a letter and extracting suggestions for keywords you can use. You can also get further suggestions by clicking on one of those terms.
Keyword’s are critical for creating a quality content that will help in optimizing your blog content and helping your blog rank high in the search engines and bring many visitors. These free keyword tools are great for finding keywords but when writing content do not use the keywords too many times since that can work against you and search engines can penalize your for spamming.

No one can make decent money with a blog unless he has a large number of visitors coming to regularly. The best way to drive traffic targeted traffic to a blog are search engines. Because of this is very important to do a proper search engine optimization of your blog. On Page search engine optimization for a blog is a very  important part of SEO. To create a successful money making blog is not easy task because your blog needs to be optimized for both search engines and people.
The process of search engine optimization begins with on page SEO and then when you have quality website with SEO optimized content you should start with off page search engine optimization.  The on page SEO is critical because you need to make your website for both search engines and people visiting your website. Search engines look primarily for keywords in the content of your blog. People  use search engine to find information they need. The content on your blog must provide useful information to the visitors that will help them find answers to some question  and help them solve problems that they have.
The challenge for every blogger is how to create informative and useful content with sufficient keyword density  and create a blog that will meet the demands of   visitors and search engines.

Tips how to do  on page SEO
  1. Create original content. If you want your blog to rank high you must write original content. You can’t just copy articles from other sites or article directories and paste on your blog. Both people and search engines like original content.
  2. Create informative and useful content. You should create not only original but informative and useful content. Remember that people come to your blog to search for information that may have some use to them. Don’t write for the sake of writing but do a proper research and write useful blog posts.
  3. Optimize title and description. Optimizing title and description of your pages is an important part of on page SEO. You should include keywords in your title and description. Every page should have it’s own title which will be descriptive and tell search engines what the page is about.   The description should be kept less than 160 characters  because that the number most search engines use for description
  4. Optimize Url of the pages on your blog. Url of the pages is also important part of on page SEO. A good url will look something like this:
  5. Always insert text in your posts. Bloggers can publish any kind of content on their blog: articles, images or videos. However even when publishing images or videos you should publish also a text that will describe the content of videos. When inserting images you should also use descriptive names instead of name like picture1 or image2
  6. Apply proper formatting of your post.  Write short blog paragraphs containing 3 or 4 sentences at most. Avoid writing large blocks of text.
  7. Create sitemap of your blog. Having a sitemap of your blog can help search engines to better crawl your website. If your blog is build on a WordPress platform there are many plugins you can use to generate sitemap for your blog.
  8. Group pages into categories. It is recommended that pages in the blog are grouped in to categories because that helps both visitors and search engines to find what the are looking for.
  9. Link to other posts in your blog. Internal linking is very important part of on page SEO. Search engines will follow links on your pages and  go to the pages you ar linking to. With links going from one page to another on your blog you will also help keep visitors longer on your blog.

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