Can You Really Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate?

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Is it really possible to make money with Amazon? Yes, it definitely is; some affiliates earn 4-5 figure monthly incomes with the Amazon Affiliate program. The Amazon Affiliate program is legitimate business model and is definitely not a scam for those of you out there wondering. If you go to, you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and start driving traffic. If someone clicks on your link and purchases a product on Amazon, you get paid; it’s as simple as that, it’s extremely basic to the point that anyone can really do it, it just takes some time and effort. 

There is a simple formula on how the Amazon Affiliate program works:

Review Site + Targeted Traffic = Money

That’s really how it works with Amazon affiliates make money. You need to have a nice review site that pre-sells your targeted visitors that you get from search engines and that’ll translate into money for you when they buy something from clicking through your link and being redirected to Amazon; you earn commission as an Amazon affiliate.

To get started you need to do some market research and find some products to promote. This is an extremely important step to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate. You want to find products that people want to buy and have a decent pay-out. Here are a couple tips on finding good products to promote as an Amazon affiliate:

• Go to Amazon and browse their categories for best sellers in the $150 price range
• The product should have lots of positive reviews (instant social proof); this will increase conversions

Once you find a product to promote, the next step as an Amazon affiliate is to build your review site. You can use Wordpress platform, it’s easy to use, easy to install and good for search engine rankings. You also have to get your own hosting account and register a domain name. The next thing you want to do is write your reviews on the product so people will be more likely to buy it.

After that you need to get backlinks for your site so it can rank for SEO. If you don’t have any links for your site, it isn't going to rank in search engines, leading to no traffic, therefore earning no money as an Amazon affiliate. You can start with article marketing by writing a few articles and link them back to your review pages. Writing press releases works really well as well. When you have a well ranked site, you’re well on your way to making money as an Amazon affiliate.